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March 2021 - Welcome to March, Aries! As you conclude the zodiac year, you will feel the need to rest and recharge. This time of year helps you to reflect on where you’ve been and where you want to go in the year ahead, especially once the sun soars toward the spring equinox to enter your zodiac sign and usher in your birthday season.

Earlier in the month, your ruler Mars sets fire to your solar third house of communication, beginning on March 3. This will likely see you highly focused on writing, speaking, or media projects for the weeks ahead.

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A new moon in your solar twelfth house appears on the thirteenth, helping you to take a step back and create a vision board of what you’d like your life to look like through the rest of 2021. Feel free to daydream, brainstorm, and work behind the scenes.

However, birthday season arrives on March 20! Venus joins your zodiac sign the next day, bringing magnetism and pleasure to your life. Go forth to create the life of your dreams.

March ends with a full moon in your solar seventh house on the twenty-eighth. This lunation could see you growing closer with a business or romantic partner or else deciding it’s time to go your separate ways. Single Aries can use this time to find someone with long-term potential. Happily coupled Aries could realize it’s time to move in together, get engaged, or even marry. Embrace union and harmony in relationships at this time.

Standout days: 4, 26, 29
Challenging days: 10, 13, 28
March 2021 - Your month gets an upbeat start from the powerful interaction between passionate Mars, your ruler, and quick-thinking, variety-loving Gemini on March 3. You won’t be able to guess what’s about to happen as you move from one spontaneous moment to the next, but one thing is for sure: you won’t be bored!

The sun exits sensitive Pisces and joins up with your fiery sign on the twentieth, injecting your love life with some much-needed passion. You can be difficult to figure out now because you often move too quickly and only see things your way, but there’s a certain excitement in the air that draws people to you.

March 23 brings a difficult Mars-Mercury square that will have you blurting out the truth in a very blunt way. It’s good to be honest, right? So why is everyone giving you a hard time about it? Our advice is choose your words a little more tactfully, Aries, especially around someone you really like.
March 2021 - Mars, your planetary ruler, goes into Gemini on March 3, focusing your energy on contracts. You might have to make a few phone calls to speed things along. If you own a business, it's a good time to set up an agreement with an outside vendor.

The new moon in Pisces is on the thirteenth, and you may be in seclusion working on finishing a project on time. You might have to work all weekend to collect and collate the data you need before a big meeting. But that said, you can dazzle them.

The sun goes into Aries on March 20, beginning your solar year. Happy birthday, Aries native! Over the next four weeks, focus on new challenges in your career, such as finding a better job or expanding your business. The sun in your sign now makes you more noticeable. Others see you as confident and able to get the job done.

The full moon in Libra on the twenty-eighth lights up your area of partnerships. You can now find a special person to collaborate with—you might have the vision while they have the tech skills, or they may have the cash and you bring the productive energy. Now the synergy can happen.
March 2021 - The first three weeks of this month are great for recharging, nurturing yourself, and getting the deep rest that you need. If you’ve been rushing around, dedicate some time out for your well-being. Think a relaxing scented bath, soothing massage, and perhaps a guided meditation or two to enhance your positive qualities or send you off to sleep.

Once the sun enters your sign on March 20, you’ll be in your element. Energy levels can increase, and if you’ve felt less motivated about exercise, you’ll now be raring to go.

Still, as your health planet Mercury moves into ethereal Pisces midmonth, it would be just as well to boost your immune system with good-quality supplements.
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