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October 2020 - Prepare for one of the most important months of the year for you, Aries. As you enter October, a mighty and ferocious full moon in your zodiac sign rocks the world on October 1 (solar first house). At this time, you will be front and center. When a full moon falls within your sign, you often see the culmination of a major personal goal or project. This will be tied to how hard you have been working toward it all year. Stand in your personal power and demand your worth.

Now is an excellent moment to revel in your greatness and focus on you—just don’t launch an attack or a new project. Your ruler, Mars, will be retrograde this month, showing that while you will feel fired up, your hands may actually be tied behind you or you could be too optimistic. If you’re simply rolling out a project that has been in the works for quite some time and previously announced, you can certainly continue the plans. Just be careful about making any announcements that weren’t already solid before September.

As the mighty sun will be traveling through your sector of relationships, it’s likely you will also be focusing intensely this month on important business or romantic partnerships (solar seventh house). As the new moon dawns on the sixteenth, expect to discuss cooperation with a secondary party. While this would normally be a magnificent time for commitment, hold off until after Mars turns direct in mid-November. Because Mars rules sex and energy, the partnership would likely run out of steam if solidified while this planet is out of its normal orbit. You can, however, make loose plans and agree to make things official later.

This is also advised because Mercury retrograde begins just days prior, on October 13. Communication could be off during weeks ahead, and you may also be reevaluating the balance in preexisting partnerships (solar eighth house).

October ends with yet another full moon, on the thirty-first, filling an already packed month. This lunation spotlights your finances, and you may see the arrival of a new job, large check, or raise (solar second house). Use this time to reassess your money for the rest of the year.

Standout days: 1, 19, 24
Challenging days: 9, 11, 13
October 2020 - With the full moon in your passionate sign on October 1, you never know what will happen when it comes to love. It’s this unpredictable lunar energy that you live for, Aries. When one door closes, another one opens. And this time, you have the feeling that there’s something really exciting on the other side.

Venus, the goddess of all things romantic, is slightly tamed as she pairs up with earth sign Virgo on the second, but you can still move ahead with your plans to seduce someone. Just because you’re more responsible and practical doesn’t mean you can’t sweep them off their feet with a good deed.

When the sun partners with intense Scorpio on October 22, your crush has little chance of resisting you. You and Scorpio have the same ruler, powerful Mars, so your confidence soars with this pairing.
October 2020 - The month begins on a high note with the full moon in your sign on October 1. For the next two weeks, you have increased confidence and the ability to gain recognition. Make sure to let your supervisors know what you have accomplished. There will be opportunities to parlay this into a possible salary increase or promotion.

Mercury goes retrograde in your house of investments and banking on the thirteenth. This gives you an opportunity for a few weeks to review brokerage statements and ask for better terms on credit cards or merchant services.

The new moon brings light to your area of partnerships on October 16. For the next two weeks, it would be good to reach out to people in your industry, perhaps through professional websites. Make connections by offering to help others. Collaborate where you can.

The thirty-first brings the blue moon in Taurus to your house of money. Blue moons are rare, occurring only once every 2.7 years. Today, stand in the light of the moon and state your wishes for prosperity.
October 2020 - As delectable Venus moves into Virgo and your wellness zone on October 2, you may be eager to renew and redefine your relationship with your body and your well-being. Lovely Venus in Virgo can see you making wise choices when it comes to food, perhaps preferring organic produce and home-cooked meals to anything else.

You might also find that gut health becomes a focus for you, with an interest in creating a healthy and diverse microbiome. Activities such as learning how to ferment vegetables for better health could become a mainstay.

Finally, as the sun enters Scorpio on the twenty-second, a short detox of a day or two could do you a world of good.
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