Mar 21 - Apr 19

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Oct 31, 2020 - Your mind could be going in many directions, Aries. Direct your energy toward small projects that require intellect. Your energy is likely to come in waves, so use it wisely when you have it, and feel free to take a break when you don't. Tell your boss that you will be much more productive if you have a 20-minute break in the afternoon in order to recharge.
Oct 31, 2020 - You will be able to feel deeply about a situation that you may previously have only been able to think about. If you have just begun a new relationship, then perhaps it is time to talk about some of the discoveries you have made about each other. It is better to get into the habit of deep sharing now, rather than waiting until it is too late!
Oct 31, 2020 - Other people may be trying to rush you, but this is not your style, so don't give in to this pressure. You are better off doing things at your own pace. There will be much less confusion as a result. This will make for a much more enjoyable weekend.
Oct 31, 2020 - Give into your desire to exercise! You will feel the pull right now to get to the gym, if possible, or get out of the house for refreshing walks or runs, and it's important to seize these urges and act upon them. Your body is crying out for energy renewal. And let's face it, you have to spend energy in order to get energy. You may also want to consider doing yoga or other stretching and deep breathing exercises. You will notice a rise in energy and a rise in your spirits!
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