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March 2021 - Grab your calendar, Capricorn, because your schedule is about to fill up with many priorities. Beginning on March 3, mighty Mars ignites your solar sector of productivity, indicating that you are juggling many daily responsibilities on and off the job. For Capricorns who are currently employed, get ready for new projects to cross your desk. However, if you’re out of work, hustle hard now and you could find the perfect job. Show hiring managers that you have the drive it takes to help their business grow.

A new moon appears on the thirteenth, bringing attention to your solar third house of communication. Some Capricorns could be asked to sign an important contract now. Others may be focused on a writing, speaking, marketing, or digital initiative.

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When the spring equinox arrives on March 20, you’ll shift your focus to your roots, your home, and your family. You may find that it’s time to renovate or redecorate your living space or handle some situations that appear involving your kin.

To end a busy month, a full moon reigns over the night of the twenty-eighth. This lunation turns a spotlight on you and your ambitions. As the luminary perches at the top of your chart and shines over your professional success, some Capricorns could welcome in a promotion or achievement. The time has come for you to rise in your industry, so show your leadership skills and present your talents to the world. Be crowned.

Standout days: 16, 28, 30
Challenging days: 5, 6, 26
March 2021 - Aggressive Mars partners with versatile Gemini on March 3, creating ripples of excitement and curiosity throughout your love life. Good things come from this transit when you don’t take things too seriously (which isn’t a small ask for you, earthy Capricorn).

The trine between powerful Mars and your tenacious home planet Saturn on the twenty-first gives you the energy you need to go after some of your more ambitious romantic goals. Some people might think you’re trying just a little bit too hard, but how can you reach the top of the mountain if you don’t? You know that success in life comes from putting in the hard work.

There’s a Venus-Saturn sextile on March 30 that could make you yearn for what other people have, but it’s not that far away. Be patient a little longer. It won’t be long until your own romantic dreams come true.
March 2021 - Mars goes into Gemini on March 3, increasing your determination to get things done. This is a practical aspect that allows you to redo your office with productivity in mind. Look at how your home and work spaces are laid out. Make sure important materials or tools are within reach. Look for ways to block out distractions so you can concentrate. Small changes can boost your productivity.

The new moon in Pisces on the thirteenth could bring an agreement between you and an important vendor. If you're looking for work, the next interview could turn into an offer.

The sun goes into Aries on March 20. The sun shines its bright light in the solar system, and now you should consider how lighting plays a part during your video conferences. Consider purchasing a good lighting system so you look well rested and raring to go in your meetings.

The twenty-eighth brings the Libra full moon and highlights your house of career. You could be in line for a promotion, or you might be filling in for your supervisor while they’re on leave. You're gaining experience and boosting your reputation because of the work you're doing now.
March 2021 - On March 3, feisty Mars moves into Gemini and your wellness zone, and its dynamic qualities could rub off on you. You might feel more energetic and perhaps more restless.

Are you ready to start a new fitness routine? Working with a personal trainer, someone who can cheer you on and give you wise advice, could take your well-being to the next level.

This aspect can make you very sociable, but if you do find yourself needing to interact on a daily basis, it would be wise to take precautions. Working from home and holding virtual conversations and meetings can make a positive difference.
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