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March 2021 - Mars, planet of passion, sex, and drive, parades into your solar fifth house on March 3, Aquarius. This promises plenty of sugar, spice, and everything nice! Now and in the weeks ahead, make romance, creativity, and pleasure your top priorities. Single Water Bearers have an exceptional opportunity to find new love, while committed ones could use this zest to bring the butterflies back to their relationship. Creative types will enjoy this energy greatly because you can now harness your muse. Last, if you’ve been looking to conceive, the stars are especially in your favor now.

Despite all this, your mind will also be on money matters in March. A new moon in your solar second house arrives on the thirteenth, bringing you the chance to add more prosperity to your life. Look for a new job now. A possible raise or large check could also come your way.

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The spring equinox arrives on March 20, igniting your mind with many vibrant ideas and encouraging you to embrace your authentic voice in the year ahead. Some Water Bearers could begin working on a communication-related project, whether it involves writing, speaking, or social media.

The month ends with a full moon in your solar ninth house on the twenty-eighth, encouraging you to expand your view of the world. As full moons often bring culminations, turning points, and decisions, you could find you are consumed by a publishing, media, academic, or travel matter. Some of you may also hear about the approval of a visa if you’re looking to immigrate.

Standout days: 4, 30, 31
Challenging days: 7, 8, 23
March 2021 - As the month begins, the great communicator Mercury is traveling along happily with your outgoing sign, and your love life should benefit from your extroverted style and your willingness to take full advantage of technology that allows you to meet new people. This is a good time to update your dating apps and contact info.

There’s a Venus-Uranus sextile on the third that gives you some interesting romantic ideas, which could lead to some fun with a willing partner. Since you’re in an experimental mood, why not explore alternate types of relationships together? You might find that there’s more to love than the way you’ve been approaching it.

As Mercury leaves the open-minded, easygoing energy of your sign and moves into emotional water sign Pisces on March 15, you’re more sensitive to love’s hard edges. Things might bother you more now than they usually do, which can lead to sadness and loneliness. Your perfect match now is a water sign who will try to take your pain away.
March 2021 - Mars goes into harmonious Gemini on March 3, and during this transit you have more ability to succeed than you’ve had in months. Now you need to lean into your job or business and really give it 110 percent. The seeds you plant now can grow into mighty oak trees.

On the thirteenth, there's a new moon in Pisces and your house of money, bringing you a possible windfall or additional source of income. But this could be transitory, and it would be wise to take some steps to secure these funds to make it a regular income source.

The sun goes into Aries on March 20, and Aquarius natives could receive the contract you've been looking for. If you're in negotiations, it's okay to ask for more than you expect. With this positive energy, you might as well ask for the whole enchilada.

The twenty-eighth brings the harmonious Libra full moon and a lot of emphasis on professional exams. If you need to update your license or certification, now is the time to schedule and take the exam. This is a good time to retake the bar. You can also discuss with your supervisor the possibility of the company covering part of your educational expenses.
March 2021 - Sobering Saturn is in your sign for some time yet, so your energy level could fluctuate. You might have more of a tendency to pace yourself and pare back those activities that are a waste of time and energy. The same goes for daily exercise and your workout routine. You need to find a way to enhance your well-being that doesn’t leave you feeling worn out.

Good-quality food that’s tailored to your body’s needs can help greatly, as can food supplements. You may find that the advice of a personal trainer is vital to getting you on track and feeling wonderful in all ways.
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