Jan 20 - Feb 18

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Mar 2, 2021 - When it comes to managing money today, Aquarius, you should go with your gut, whether it involves personal finances, job-related concerns, or the funds of a group you're affiliated with. Be less concerned about logic and more with how you feel about sources of income, specific investments, or ways of planning expenses. Do some research to verify your insights and then follow them!
Mar 2, 2021 - The present celestial configuration may mean that you considered forgetting about love when you first awoke, until you saw the pile of cards in the mailbox. You have a tendency to think wonderful things about everyone except yourself. Yet before you is the proof that others care about you very deeply. You are genuinely loved because you enjoy sharing the best of yourself with others.
Mar 2, 2021 - Someone you work with may have been telling you that you needed to do things a certain way, but now you will be glad that you listened to yourself and not to that other person's advice. Today it will be quite clear that your way is the right way.
Mar 2, 2021 - You can tend to put the blame on others when you feel unfulfilled, and today could be a day of special sensitivity for you. Be gentle with yourself and try to express your feelings without putting the blame on others. A healthy dose of green vegetables (broccoli, a fresh spinach salad, Brussels sprouts) will give you the extra energy you need to fight off negative feelings. Don't despair - you can help yourself more than you think! Pay close attention to your diet today.
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