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March 2021 - Mighty Mars trades signs this month, and as soon as March 3, you’ll feel the new burst of energy. That’s when the red planet soars into your solar fourth house of domesticity, bringing you a great deal of enthusiasm for home or family matters. Some Pisces could begin or complete a renovation at this time, decide to move, or even find they have to step in aggressively to handle some family affairs. This could begin now and continue for the weeks ahead.

However, with the sun and Venus in your zodiac sign for most of the month, this is your time to shine because you carry more weight in the world. A new moon in your sign appears on the thirteenth. This is the most important lunation of the year for you to begin important endeavors and plans. Use the week following the new moon to take action to build the life of your dreams.

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When the spring equinox arrives on March 20, your mind shifts to your financial plans. You may soon have opportunities to budget, streamline your expenses, and bring in even more capital. If you’re looking for a new job, update your resume and begin to hunt for one now. Pisces who are self-employed or work freelance can also share in this luck by searching for new clients and projects in every nook and cranny.

The month ends with a full moon highlighting your solar eighth house on the twenty-eighth, turning your attention to union and the balance in your relationships. This will be a make-or-break time for you to either grow closer or finally walk away.

Standout days: 3, 13, 16
Challenging days: 10, 23, 29
March 2021 - As the sun continues to travel through your intuitive sign at the start of the month, you have great instincts when it comes to dating. If you get a weird vibe from someone, there’s no reason to continue communicating with them just to be polite. If, on the other hand, you feel true chemistry with someone, trust those instincts as well.

The new moon on the thirteenth is also in your gentle sign, and new relationships can start from a very understanding and caring place. Your ideal match now is someone who’s also been through a traumatic or memorable event who can support you and remind you of your inner strength.

Technological Mercury partners with your naïve sign on March 15, so you might be able to learn something new over the next few weeks if you keep an open mind. Have you been missing out on online dating or avoided downloading an app your friends have recommended? Try things like this now!
March 2021 - Mars goes into Gemini on March 3, and Pisces natives should try to avoid arguing with co-workers. You could be feeling overworked and underpaid. But instead of getting irritated, it's time to pull out your resume, light a yellow candle, and start asking the universe for some help.

The new moon is in your own sign on the thirteenth, and now things are starting to happen. A former co-worker may reach out to you with a possible opening at their new company. Even your boss could be sensing your unhappiness and offer you some options at your current job.

March 20 has the sun going into Aries and your house of money. You might be investing some money in your own business. This could be studio lights for your video channel or one of those fancy cutting machines to make your own stickers to sell online.

The Libra full moon on the twenty-eighth is in your house of resources. It's a good time to explore company perks, including a 401(k) match, discounted stock purchase programs, as well as discounts with local merchants. A little bit of time exploring these options with your human resources department could save you cash in the long run.
March 2021 - The radiating sun, your health planet, is in your sign until March 20, which can help you feel much more energetic and vital.

However, with Pisces being a sign with more spiritual qualities, it helps to stay grounded and create firm boundaries that can help you stay safe over the coming weeks heading into spring and summer.

The new moon is in your sign on the thirteenth, and this can be an excellent opportunity to take your well-being to the next level. If you have access to a sauna that’s safe, using it regularly can be a fabulous way to detox and boost your immune system. The same can be said for any form of exercise that works up a sweat.
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