Feb 19 - Mar 20

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Mar 2, 2021 - A new fascination with history or an exotic culture could drive you to learn more about it, Pisces. It could become an obsession, for today at least. You might spend a lot of time online or in the library or talking to people who specialize in this field. By day's end, your mind could be spinning like a top. Take a walk and clear your head or you might not be able to sleep.
Mar 2, 2021 - The celestial atmosphere indicates that you can make the best of the occasion by making your intentions very clear. A gift would certainly be a wonderful treat, and what better way to make someone feel good than to give them something that helps them realize just how much you care. If this is THE one - how about some real commitment?
Mar 2, 2021 - Don't feel badly about yourself by thinking that your work is not significant or meaningful. Your hard work makes a big difference to the people around you, so do your work with pride. You will receive a great deal of recognition and credit.
Mar 2, 2021 - If you feel like you are slipping backwards, try planting your hooves into a big green salad - preferably with some avocado in it! Perhaps you don't have anything seriously wrong, but a sense of "being left out" or "missing the point" could bug you today. If you feel cranky and "fed up," you might try drinking a gallon of water to help clear the way for tomorrow. Warm water is better than cold.
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