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March 2021 - Utilize the power of Mars in your zodiac sign for three final days as March arrives, Taurus. You have harbored this mighty fuel for nearly two months now and likely have seen more courage and determination to reach your personal and professional goals. Don’t miss this final chance to take the lead.

On March 3, the red planet moves into your solar second house for the weeks ahead. This will increase your expenses significantly, so keep your mind on your budget. However, this can also give you the impetus to make more money, especially if you’re ready to charge after a better paying job, or more clients if you work freelance.

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A new moon arrives in your solar eleventh house on the thirteenth, bringing you an opportunity to connect to a greater community that you believe in, as well as reconnect with friends. You could be invited to an important event that holds both personal and professional opportunities.

As the spring equinox arrives on March 20, you could feel the need to reset and recharge as well as make a vision board about how you’d like your life to look in the year ahead. Some Bulls may also be very busy on an important project that they’re developing behind the scenes but that won’t be ready to debut until later in the year.

A full moon arrives on the twenty-eighth, spotlighting your solar sixth house of productivity. You will find your calendar filled with responsibilities. If you’re looking for a new job, it might appear now, or you could be putting the finishing touches on a milestone professional project.

Standout days: 3, 13, 17
Challenging days: 14, 15, 26
March 2021 - The month starts with a helpful sextile between your giving ruler Venus and Uranus in your sign. How will this affect your love life? Look for people who share the same philosophy as you when it comes to giving to others. The odds are good that you could find your soul mate at a charity-related event or meeting.

There’s a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on the fourth that urges you to be open-minded when communicating with someone new. If you’ve only been chatting online or texting, why not take things to the next level? When the timing is right, you’ll know it.

Loving Venus leaves water sign Pisces for fiery Aries on March 21, so the rest of your month will be exciting and unpredictable. You’re slow and steady at your core, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want extreme passion in your life. Your senses seem to come alive when you’re with someone you really like.
March 2021 - March 3 has Mars entering Gemini and your house of money. Now you have the focus and energy to find sources of cash. Consider compiling a list of all the sources of income available to you. Even small amounts can add up. This will open your mind to seeing new opportunities.

The thirteenth brings the new moon in Pisces and your house of money derived from career. Now you can dissolve the boundary between you and more income by sitting down with your boss to discover your options. If you're told a raise is impossible, it could be a sign that it's time to polish up your resume and look for something else.

The sun goes into Aries on March 20, bringing you a big burst of productivity. You're blazing through your list of things to do. This is a great time to get a side business off the ground. You might get up a little earlier or stay up a little later to work on your website or online retail store.

The Libra full moon is on the twenty-eighth in your house of work. Teamwork is key, and you're finding that everyone is working together for a common goal. You have some supportive co-workers at this time.
March 2021 - If you’re going to be around others over the coming weeks, it would pay to take precautions when out and about. With lovely Venus, your health and wellness planet, in watery Pisces until March 21, wearing a mask, taking quality supplements, and social distancing can all contribute to keeping you safe.

That said, perhaps the biggest boost to your system would be plenty of healthy exercise and fresh air.

There might be a tendency to indulge at times, particularly if you’re in need of comfort food. But if you can offset this with some good workouts, you can minimize any tendency to gain weight.
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