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March 2021 - As soon as mighty Mars charges into your solar twelfth house, beginning on March 3, you’ll likely be very busy working behind the scenes on some projects for weeks to come. On the one hand, you may be eager to develop something of great importance that will take some time to get right and that you’ll likely launch later in the year. You could also feel a bit tired and worn down because of this energy, Cancer, so above all, don’t forget to listen to your body or you could burn out.

A new moon in your solar ninth house arrives on the thirteenth, likely opening a doorway to more wisdom and expansion for you. Some Cancers could see an academic, travel, immigration, or media endeavor move forward in the days to come. No matter what, you’ll be highly focused on leaving behind your comfort zone in order to embrace a whole new perspective on the world.

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When the spring equinox arrives on March 20, you’ll feel your ambitions ignited for the weeks ahead. Professional growth and success are sure to come if you work hard now. Make a list of your goals and create a strategy for how to reach them.

A full moon bookends the month on the twenty-eighth, highlighting your solar fourth house of domesticity. Some Cancers could move or secure fantastic real estate. Others could fix up their current space. If this brings a family matter to your attention, handle it as rapidly as you can.

Standout days: 10, 26, 30
Challenging days: 19, 20, 28
March 2021 - You can advance to the next level of a relationship that’s just getting started when aggressive Mars enters social Gemini on March 3. Your inhibitions go down and your flirtiness goes up, increasing your confidence and encouraging you to make the first move.

The emotional moon, your ruler, leaves detached Aquarius and is in sensitive Pisces when it’s new on the thirteenth, opening you up to all kinds of heartache. Is it better to keep your distance and avoid the pain or allow yourself to get close and potentially get hurt all over again? Follow your heart.

The full moon in gracious and fair-minded Libra on March 28 urges you to make things right with an ex. You don’t have to get back together, but if there is anything left unsaid, it might be stopping you from moving on. Offering forgiveness is a powerful tool, and withholding it is a destructive weapon.
March 2021 - On March 3, Mars goes into Gemini, bringing you a burst of energy to get much more done than usual. This is a great time to get a side project off the ground, such as tutoring, dog walking, or designing and selling T-shirts online.

The thirteenth brings the harmonious Pisces new moon to your house of legal matters and licensing. This is a good time to file for building permits, professional licenses, or a resale number. You might want to bid on a government contract at this time.

The sun goes into Aries on March 20. Now the sun shines brightly in your house of career, and you’re visible to the world. This is a great time to post your resume online. Check out employment websites to connect with team leaders who are looking for new blood. Over the next four weeks, it could be a lot easier for you to find a job.

The full moon in Libra falls on the twenty-eighth, and this is a good time to clean and organize your home office. Remove distractions and leave only the things that really help you focus on getting your work done. Cleaning up the visual clutter can make you feel calmer too.
March 2021 - Asteroid Juno is presently moving through your health and wellness sector, so it’s a good time to take stock of your habits. There might be some that have become so ingrained that it seems like you’re married to them. And they may not be all that good for you either.

This month, with your wellness planet Jupiter in your sector of change and transformation, it’s a great time to relinquish anything that no longer works. This can mean jettisoning habits like eating too many sweet treats or fatty foods, or drinking too much coffee and too little water, and replacing them with much more wholesome trends. You’ll feel much better if you do.
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