Jun 21 - Jul 22

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Mar 1, 2021 - The topic of the day is knowledge and learning. Did you study the field you really wanted to? Do you feel bad about not having attended such-and-such school or program? If these issues are uppermost on your mind today, remember that your creativity has little to do with the degrees you hold. It has everything to do with how you use your skills and knowledge to better the world.
Mar 1, 2021 - Today's atmosphere may give you the impression that your plans for this evening have gone astray before it has even had a chance to begin. But happily for you, nothing could be further from the truth. A loved one has great things in store for you; all you need do is show, in no uncertain terms, your absolute loyalty and undying devotion - without being sick!
Mar 1, 2021 - Your overall mood is strong and practical, but your approach will only be effective if you are willing to take on a leadership role. Get your ideas into the foreground instead of letting them become lost in the shuffle. This is your key to success.
Mar 1, 2021 - All your hard work will pay off eventually, and today you get a glimpse of the reward! The discipline you have been adhering to in terms of your physical fitness routine ought to show you some positive results. But mostly it's an inner satisfaction you feel. Discipline helps keep you poised for inspiration. Today you may find the wind is at your back. Don't sit down for a breather but do enjoy the fresh gust of positive reinforcement!
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