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March 2021 - Prepare for plenty of fun, adventure, and excitement as soon as mighty Mars ignites your solar eleventh house for the weeks to come, beginning on March 3. This will likely see you being very social and hearing from many lively and vivacious friends. You might even see that a heartfelt goal is now within reach if you sprint to the finish line!

However, another theme this month is intimacy, especially when the new moon in your solar eighth house arrives on the thirteenth. In the days to come, you’ll surely feel the urge to merge. This could mean that you’re growing closer to a partner or assessing the give and take between you. This new moon could also clear the path to leave your partner, especially if you’ve recently gone through a divorce settlement.

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When the spring equinox arrives on March 20, all Leos will feel a bolt of lightning that spurs you to learn more about the world and expand your sights toward new horizons. Staying in your typical routine is not favored now, and it could lead you to feel quite trapped. Consider ways that you can see new things, whether that’s through media, education, or travel.

Last to note this month is a full moon in your solar third house of communication that takes place on the twenty-eighth. This could give you the impetus to debut an important writing, speaking, or advertising initiative that you’ve been working on for quite some time. Speak to the world!

Standout days: 4, 26, 31
Challenging days: 10, 22, 23
March 2021 - The brilliant sun, your leader, is matched with caring and understanding Pisces at the start of the month, so you tend to fall for people who need to be taken care of and nurtured. We’re not saying this kind of person isn’t a good match, but make sure that their neediness isn’t the only thing you like about them.

The sun exits sensitive Pisces and enters fiery, competitive Aries on the twentieth, so you’ll be quick to try to get the jump on any new action. Another thing this powerful pairing offers is a spontaneous approach to love and relationships. There’s a big world out there, Leo, and all kinds of fun things to explore.

A sun-Venus conjunction appears on March 25, helping you achieve some much-deserved peace in your love life. If you aren’t in the ideal place you’d like to be right now, that’s okay. There’s a lot of power in being content with what you have instead of always thinking about what’s missing.
March 2021 - Mars goes into Gemini on March 3, putting the focus on income from career as well as commissions. Your brain is as fast as lightning now. You could sell sand in the desert. Even if you're not in sales, you can still sell your ability to handle a bigger job. Use this Mars position to your best advantage and sell, sell, sell.

The thirteenth brings the Pisces new moon in your area of resources. You might be working with a bank for a loan or line of credit. It's good to be flexible at this time because rates are changing, as are your own needs. What you thought you needed a week ago may be different now.

The sun goes into harmonious Aries on March 20. There could be a breakthrough in your favor regarding a lawsuit. The energy around a small claims situation has the stars lining up to support you. This is also a good time to work with professional boards about licensing or even consider becoming a board member yourself.

The twenty-eighth brings the full moon in Libra and your area of contracts. This could bring an expected contract for employment or, if you're in real estate, a purchase or sales agreement.
March 2021 - Sobering Saturn, your health planet, continues its journey through Aquarius, so you might do better if you can work with a personal trainer or fitness buddy. You need someone around to lend support and spur you on when you feel like giving up. There is strength in numbers. Joining a group or having one other person doing the same routine as you can be extremely empowering.

On another note, the sun in Pisces until March 20 can be a call to try meditating or benefit from the practice of mindfulness. Being able to detach from your thoughts and emotions can help you cut back on stress and see things more objectively.
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