Oct 23 - Nov 21

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Nov 30, 2020 - You took off like a bullet a few days ago, Scorpio, making great progress in a short amount of time. But now you're grappling with doubts that are undermining all your energy. Reflecting on the events of the past few days, it's obvious that you were somewhat reckless in your headlong pursuit of your goals. Don't give up! Just rethink your strategy.
Nov 30, 2020 - It is time to take a break from your usual punishing schedule, and to then decide on where you would like to go for an evening of fun and entertainment if possible. Break all of your usual rules and move beyond the boundaries that keep you tied to a limited social circle. There is a whole exciting world out there to explore.
Nov 30, 2020 - Embrace your innocent nature. Be a kid again. Take a playful and immature attitude with the people around you. Keep your jaded, vengeful side at bay. It is best if you forgive, forget, and move on with carelessness and a light, jovial heart.
Nov 30, 2020 - Give yourself the time you need to get your work accomplished so that you can then devote the necessary time to your relationships. This is a day to take comfort in what you know is real and good in your life: friends, children, lovers and parents. Contact a lost friend, offer to help your child with their homework, ask your partner for a little tenderness. Whatever it is you can do to get the most out of your personal relationships is recommended for today.
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