Oct 23 - Nov 21

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Mar 2, 2021 - Bonding is today's keyword, Scorpio. Relations with close friends should be enhanced by increased communication, perhaps some fascinating conversations about new ideas and exciting world events. This new intellectual rapport could bring you closer than you were before. Romantic relationships, in particular, intensify through newly discovered mutual interests, perhaps involving foreign cultures.
Mar 2, 2021 - Today's aspects indicate that you may have been intending to inscribe some deep and meaningful piece of poetry for your beloved, something that would perhaps bring a little tear to their eye. But sadly, as far as subtlety and refinement go, you were last in the queue when it was handed out. Yet if they REALLY love you, a scratchy note would also do the trick!
Mar 2, 2021 - You will come into conflict with someone who is very rooted in his or her ways. Keep in mind that not everything is as simple and rational as this person may suggest. There are unexpected factors that you both need to consider.
Mar 2, 2021 - You could be feeling social today, a positive shift from those days of contrariness you've been experiencing. Make sure that what you invite into your life is really what you want to keep. There is still the tendency to be extra-sensitive, and big surprises are waiting around certain corners. Proceed with caution! Any unpredictability can be toned down by increasing your intake of iodine-rich foods: kelp and cucumber among them. Maybe tonight is the night to indulge in your favorite sushi!
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