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March 2021 - A powerful turning point in your relationship has come, Sagittarius. When mighty Mars soars across the sky into your solar seventh house of partnerships, beginning on March 3, you will have a major impetus to work with someone at your side. Union will become of the utmost importance to you now. Committed Archers could find that they are especially busy with their significant other in business or love. Teamwork and cooperation are top priorities now, because you will go much further as a couple than solo. Singles will be especially eager to find their perfect match. Use this drive to take the lead and go after a crush now.

Another focus this month is on your home and family. When the new moon in your solar fourth house arrives on the thirteenth, you might decide it’s time to move, update your living space, or reach out to connect with your kin. No matter what, this is a time to find serenity.

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However, at the spring equinox on the twentieth, you’ll feel the urge to express yourself and pursue all matters of the heart. Use the weeks ahead to bring the spice back into your relationship or attract adventure and creativity into your life.

The month ends on a dazzling note as a full moon in your solar eleventh house sings in the night of March 28. You might attend a glamorous event or hear from many friends now. Someone in your network might even reach out to open a doorway to one of your heart’s most important dreams.

Standout days: 26, 30, 31
Challenging days: 3, 4, 23
March 2021 - The nice conjunction between great communicator Mercury and your enthusiastic home planet Jupiter on March 4 gives you the freedom and ability to draw people to you with your words and unique perspective. Your true-life love experiences are amazing and should be shared with as many people as possible!

The new moon lands in sensitive Pisces on the thirteenth, putting the focus on your dreams and your ideas about your ideal soul mate. Put your subconscious to work conjuring up your perfect mate, Sagittarius, because once you can picture them in your mind you can find them in real life.

The sun leaves its gentle post in sensitive Pisces on March 20 and enters Aries’ fiery house of excitement. There isn’t a lot of predictability now, but that’s totally okay with you. You love to be surprised by love and all the messy moments that come with it!
March 2021 - Mars goes into Gemini on March 3, and your ability to make quick decisions is very strong. In just seconds, you can size up whether a person is someone you can work with. This is a good time to study body language or the science of micro expressions to give you an edge when working with people.

On the thirteenth, a new moon in Pisces puts the emphasis on working at home. It's sometimes very difficult to work at home because there's no boundary between you and the housework that needs to be done. You might have to let your family know they need to honor your "do not disturb" sign.

The sun goes into harmonious Aries on March 20. You're feeling extremely courageous and you have every reason to be because you are talent and enthusiasm rolled up together. Today, start to think even bigger. Instead of wondering how you can get the job, ask how can you be CEO.

The Libra full moon on the twenty-eighth indicates that you could have some sudden good fortune. A large sale could push you into a new commission bracket. You could receive a company award or recognition from your supervisor.
March 2021 - You might be eager to absorb new information that can help you in your search for better health and well-being. If you’ve thought of learning more about energy healing or other healing modalities, or perhaps becoming a personal trainer, you might be prepared to take a course and get certified.

You might also be eager to exercise more outdoors or perhaps play a competitive sport if you’re able to. Anything that gives you a shot of adrenaline and a good workout is perfect for that feel-good factor.

Reorganizing your kitchen and areas of your home to enhance healthy practices can also be a winning strategy.
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