Nov 22 - Dec 21

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Mar 6, 2021 - A friend or colleague could introduce you to a way to increase your income by doing what you love most, Sagittarius. This may involve the creative arts, healing, or spiritual or metaphysical matters. Although this might take weeks or months of preparation to put into effect, it should be worth the effort. Check out the facts and think about it. If you still like it, go for it!
Mar 6, 2021 - Change may be the very tonic that the doctor ordered, especially with the position of the planets today. It is important not only need to alter your physical location every once in a while, but also your mental one, as well. Believe it or not, this may be the very strategy that will enable your love life to flourish. Seeing things from a different angle could change everything for the better. So why wait any longer?
Mar 6, 2021 - Whenever you have doubts or frustrations about your current situation, stop and take stock of what you have. Be thankful for the gifts that have been given to you instead of wishing for things that you don't have. You have more than you realize.
Mar 6, 2021 - You are an excellent friend, although you can easily become over-extended! The ability to see and understand the motivations of others can end up making you confused about where you stand, personally. Give yourself some undivided attention today and quiet your inner voice. Yoga is an excellent way of doing this while also strengthening your lungs and nervous system through deep breathing. Why not dedicate some of your energy to yourself? You'll appreciate the enhanced concentration that is a side effect of yoga.
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